• Akérat Body Cream

    This body care cream helps soothe inflammation, restore skin comfort and reduce dryness of itchy scales.
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  • Cicalfate Cream

    A restorative skin cream that prevents signs of scarring. 
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  • Spray SPF50+

    A spray that offers the best protection against UVB and UVA rays, formulated especially for sunburn-prone skin.
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  • Emulsion SPF50+

    A suncare product with Vitamin E precursor which protects the skin cells from free radicals.
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  • Cream SPF50+

     A protection cream with 100% mineral sunscreen which provides non-irritating protection for intolerant, sensitive skin.
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  • Cream SPF50+ for intolerant skin (white)

    A protection mineral cream which protects the skin cells from free radicals and is specially formulated without chemical filters.
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  • Tinted Compact SPF50 Beige

    A high protection tinted compact recommended for redness-prone skin, post-procedure skin and skin sensitive to chemical sunscreens. 
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  • Tinted Compact SPF50 Honey

    This is a high protection tinted compact formulated without preservatives for complete safety allergy-prone skin types. 
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