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Eluage Gel


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A formulated treatment based upon a patented marriage of Retinaldehyde and H.A.F (exclusive fragmented hyaluronic acid), which penetrates the skin deeply to stimulate collagen and elastin fibre production. It makes the wrinkles become less defined, and the overall appearance of the skin is much smoother, nourished and refreshed. It also provide a more concentrated formula for mature and sun-damaged skin. Non-comodogenic, hypoallergenic.


  • Eluage Gel

    A formulated treatment making the wrinkles less defined, and the skin is much smoother, nourished and refreshed.
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  • Antirougeurs Calm Redness-relief Soothing Repair Mask

    A repairing mask which immediately relieves the warmth, redness, and irritation associated with reactive and post-procedure skin. 
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  • Shaving Foam

    Shaving cream, without brush. Soothing and anti-irritant, containing Avene thermal water. Enriched with triclosan, anti-bacterial. Hypo-allergenic. Contains no comedogen. Alcohol free. Packaging: metal aerosol
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