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SEBIUM Global 30ml


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Intense purifying dermatological treatment for acne-prone
skin with severe blemishes.
This skin has sebum that is biologically altered. It is rich in
irritating comedogenic fatty acids that can cause recurring
spots and blackheads to appear.

A Laboratoire BIODERMA innovation, Sébium Global is the
first care product that biologically treats the causes and
consequences of severe blemishes.
On the causes, the latest-generation Fluidactiv®* patent,
which contains bakuchiol, retrains the skin to regulate the
quality and quantity of its fatty acids, to restore the sebum
of healthy skin and effectively prevent severe blemishes.
On the consequences, the combination of AHA esters,
reference dermatological agents, restores clear skin by
eliminating spots and blackheads, while zinc gluconate and
enoxolone soothe and reduce redness caused by inflammation.
Good tolerance. Non-comedogenic.
The skin is clear and purified and residual marks are
reduced. Its light texture is rapidly absorbed and leaves the
skin soft and comfortable.