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SEBIUM Hydra 40ml


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Moisturising and soothing replenishing care for skin
that has been made fragile, dried out and/or irritated
by dermatological treatments.
All skin types, even oily, need moisturising as they can
occasionally become dried out and/or irritated (specific
treatments, harmful external factors...). Sébium
Hydra is specially formulated to compensate for these
temporary imbalances.
The moisturising and restructuring active ingredients
combat the desquamation process and relieve feelings
of tightness.
The powerful soothing active ingredients tone down
any redness and ease the epidermis.
The exclusive Fluidactiv®* patent biologically regulates
sebum quality and prevents pores from getting clogged.
The skin is clean, with renewed comfort and radiance.
Very good tolerance. Non-comedogenic.